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The idea of ‘Story for Peace’ is to explore narratives and the impact narratives have on conflict by empowering people to challenge the stories surrounding them.

A defining factor of conflict is the narrative supporting it; in the ways we define ‘us’ to be different from ‘them’, and our means to be justified. Societies are defined by the stories we tell, they shape our understanding of our place in the world. Story is thus tied closely to the concept of identity, our sense of belonging, our survival and our conflicts. Storytelling and narrative can also play a key role in reconciliation, it can bring parties together, breed insight and understanding and be a platform on which to build a future.

The philosophy of ‘Story for Peace’ is based on my own experience, taking my story into my own hands, taking charge of my life and perceptions, thus transforming from victimhood towards healing and reconciliation.

Through ‘Story for Peace’ I wish to empower people to be critical of stories supporting violence as a means of dealing with conflict. I wish to empower people to take charge of their own stories, to transform the stories of their societies and to share them with the world.

To understand how to do this we need knowledge on the impact of stories on societies and conflict. We have to understand how the nature of stories change with development in technology and communication, and we need to explore how this knowledge can be utilised in the approach of a more peaceful world.

Best regards,
Bjørn Ihler

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