Days of Black and White

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A couple of years ago I did a daily Black and White photography challenge given to me by a friend on Facebook. It made me pretty much re-discover photography. They two or so years that has passed since then has been incredibly busy, for the last year I’ve focused on studies and work and art has fallen a bit to the side (even tho I’ve always carried my cameras with me and have a ton of pics from the last year that remain on hard-drives around) – I must say I’ve also gotten more nervous about publishing stuff as my reach has gotten wider (and Turkey has gotten stranger), but hey, now I’ve decided to say ‘to hell with it,’ reboot my creative systems and get back in the game of creation and publishing by re-doing the challenge that this blog originated from. Hope you’ll enjoy it, but more importantly that I’ll enjoy it!
The first picture of this round was taken last night at the Marmaray Sirkeci station in Istanbul as I was heading home.

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