A New Start

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A couple of months ago I went to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to teach about extremism. I’ve done that many times but this time it was different. My teaching, the workshop was directed towards the future, not towards the past, it was about what we could create, what we could do to end extremism as a whole, not about what acts of extremism we had seen in the past. It was my kind of talk, not a talk at the terms of others.

Just days before we’d decided to leave the flat in Stockholm to move out into the Swedish woods, I never returned to that flat in Stockholm…that time and the trip to Ethiopia did in many ways become a turning point, a time of refocusing, figuring out more about who I am and what I want to do, trying to find direction.
For the first time in almost a year I cleaned the lens of my camera and and went out to the streets of Addis, I had decided once again to create.

As we freed ourselves of the city, as spring was coming, a new époque was starting I realised this: This is what I am, a creator, a maker, not simply a speaker. An thus I started taking pictures again, and the focus of my work, my talks and research shifted from what we had been to what we could be, working towards a future of our own making, designing campaigns, shaping our own lives, living in the woods and taking beautiful pictures…

With the woods came silence, calm, peace and life, the time and context for thinking, pondering, creating and writing. It all somehow comes together, and so I started again, to write, to create, to make, to photograph. And with that comes sharing, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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