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Nick Alexander, the merchandise manager for Eagles of Death Metal, was killed during Friday night’s attack in Paris. May he Rest in Peace. Here’s a beautiful post about him: http://observer.com/2015/11/we-are-all-the-road-crew/

My worst nightmare as someone who’s spent a fair amount of time working in theatre, as well as against violent extremism, is that something similar to what happened in the Bataclan copy, or the hostage crisis in the Dubrovka Theatre in Moscow in 2002 should happen. I hope these two worlds of mine – theatre and countering violent extremism – will never collide like this, as they far too often do, and that we instead can use theatre as a tool to challenge violent extremism and build more peaceful cultures. It is however great to know that in those dark hours technicians, cast and crew play a life-saving role, as was done in Paris last Friday. As someone with great knowledge of both these fields I hope I can be of assistance to other theatre-workers both in recovering from this, and in preventing future acts like these. – We never play solo!

A message reposted from a promoter in Paris. Translated from French, original underneath:

I just got Cédric Maheut (stage manager of Bataclan) on the phone, who was miraculously with a band in Luxembourg.

The technicians of the Bataclan have saved people by evacuating through the emergency exits.

The light technicians went back twice to the balcony to evacuate the public. Hugo (console operator), Was in the lobby when it started, and went to see the command of police, telling them that he knew the room perfectly, and stayed with them in order to prepare the assault. They gave him a bulletproof vest, so that he turned on the lights of the room at the time of the assault.

Charline, who was at ‘returns’ (unsure of translation, either FOH or Monitors) switched the console back and protected a score of persons behind. She had them evacuate backstage at the time the attackers were mounted on the balcony.

The security team made the public evacuate by the main entrance, and returned several times to look for people in the venue Chloe Weets, administration has taken 3 bullets in the legs but is fine.

All members of the Bataclan and production have helped the public. No one has played solo.”

Je viens d’avoir Cédric Maheut (Régisseur Lumière du Bataclan) au téléphone, qui était miraculeusement sur une date au Luxembourg avec un groupe.

Les techniciens du Bataclan ont sauvé des personnes en les évacuant par les issues de secours.

Les techniciens lumière sont remontés deux fois au balcon pour évacuer le public.

Hugo (pupitreur), se trouvait dans le hall d’entrée quand ça à commencé, et à tout de suite été voir le commandement de police, en leur disant qu’il connaissait parfaitement la salle, et est resté avec eux afin de préparer l’assaut. Ils lui ont donner un gilet pare-balles, afin qu’il allume la salle au moment de l’assaut .

Charline, qui s’occupait des retours, a basculé la console retour et protégé une vingtaine de personne derrière. Elle les a fait évacuer par IS backstage au moment ou les assaillants sont montés au balcon.

l’équipe de sécurité a fait évacuer le public par l’entrée principale, et est retourné plusieurs fois chercher du monde dans la salle.
Chloé Weets, de l’administration s’est prise 3 balles dans les jambes mais va bien.

Tous les membres du Bataclan et de Nous production ont aidé le public. Personne ne l’a joué solo.

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