A New Start

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A couple of months ago I went to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to teach about extremism. I’ve done that many times but this time it was different. My teaching, the workshop was directed towards the future, not towards the past, it was about what we could create, what we could do to end extremism as a […]

Here I am, outside the Oslo courthouse on the opening day of Breivik's trial against the state.

In Defence of Human Rights for Terrorists

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On Wednesday a Norwegian court ruled that the stated had abused the human rights of the terrorist Anders Behring Breivik in prison. I have since made numerous appearances, and written a few texts in the support of equality before the law, principles, and human rights, something some people describes as shocking. I will share more […]

We never play solo!

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Nick Alexander, the merchandise manager for Eagles of Death Metal, was killed during Friday night’s attack in Paris. May he Rest in Peace. Here’s a beautiful post about him: http://observer.com/2015/11/we-are-all-the-road-crew/ My worst nightmare as someone who’s spent a fair amount of time working in theatre, as well as against violent extremism, is that something similar […]

About Story For Peace

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The idea of ‘Story for Peace’ is to explore narratives and the impact narratives have on conflict by empowering people to challenge the stories surrounding them. A defining factor of conflict is the narrative supporting it; in the ways we define ‘us’ to be different from ‘them’, and our means to be justified. Societies are […]